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10 Quick Tips to Run A Start-up Ad Agency

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How to run an ad agency in Dubai – as a startup in today's times

It’s the era of start-ups. Why should advertising be any different? After 20 years of being an advertising employee, one ventured to start an agency in 2015, based out of Dubai. So considering the ‘limited’ experience of 2 years in business, here are 10 Quick Tips to run a startup Ad Agency:

  1. Be a start-up. Not an upstart: Keep your attitude at the door. Be humble. Be grateful. Embrace every opportunity as if it is your last.
  2. Answer every email: In 15 minutes of receiving it. Yes, you have no idea how professional this makes you seem like. An email answered quickly is a client gained or retained.
  3. Make a rate card: You may not have all the bells and whistles of a medium-sized or large agency. You can still have a rate card. Ensure your rates are judicious and in line with the talent and resources you offer.
  4. Look one day ahead: It’s very easy to lose patience, or harbour a desire to quit in a snap. The easiest way to get around this is to plan for just 1 day, every day. There’s no point in getting ahead of yourself.
  5. Invest profits to cover losses: On jobs that you make a little more money, keep that extra revenue to cover up for lean periods or months where you don’t hit your targeted revenue.
  6. Learn: Multi-task like hell. If you’re a writer, learn some basic art software. If you’re an art director, learn to make a presentation. If you’re a press specialist, learn some digital tools. And keep learning.
  7. Don’t get an office: Unless you have an investor or extra money. Clients might want to meet in an office. There’s always a coffee shop. There’s no embarrassment in having a virtual office. You thinking on your feet matters, not the square feet your agency occupies.
  8. Rules are rules: Licensing. Workman’s compensation. Insurance. Renewals. Book Audits. And with the VAT coming in soon, you have to force yourself to understand what you wish to excuse yourself from.
  9. Carry your visiting cards: Always. I have missed 4 good opportunities on possible clients, just because I wasn’t carrying my cards. Keep 10 in your wallet at all times, even when going for a movie.
  10. Smile at smirks: People will talk behind your back. They will criticise you. They will tell you how to run your business. They will say it’s best to get back to an agency desk job. They can go graze their own grass.

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