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The Abominable Snowman, The Loch Ness Monster and The Advertising Copywriter

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The first two creatures are believed to exist, but their existence is yet to be proven. The latter creature; The Advertising Copywriter is proven, but might have ceased to exist.

Verily, The Advertising Copywriter, in all probability, has passed into legend; into the nether recesses of a time long gone.

Who reads copy anyway? In fact, if you’ve got to this sentence, you might actually qualify to receive a Victoria Cross Medal from the Forgotten Copywriter’s Relief Fund.

Copy is dead. Long live the Visual.

Who wants to read 8 words in a line or two, when s/he can feast on a 34D Cup in a Visual? Who wants to recognise that interesting turn of phrase, the marvellously crafted pun, that deliciously involving smart metaphor that casts a line and hooks you into reading an ad further, that brilliant reprise to the headline right at the end to clinch the argument?

Admit it, even you would have preferred a bloody visual to this diatribe. Something to make a point in 3 seconds and let you get back to your LinkedIn, your Facebook, your tweets and your social existence.

Yeah this is a rant. An unabashed, unashamed, undeniable and unembarrassed plea.

To clients who want visuals, because who reads copy. To account managers who want visuals, because they don’t read copy. To a 160-character generation who wants visuals, because copy for them is a single line that hopefully sings to them in a tune they can hum.

So it goes. The slow, choking and painful demise of The Advertising Copywriter. Who, these days, comes to his desk, retires his pen and logs on to an image bank to help his art director with a visual idea. The saddest part in this is that he’s probably forgotten himself, more than the world seems to have forgotten him.

There was a time when The Advertising Copywriter ruled the roost. When his words meant something. When his words moved the world. When a reader or consumer would feel the emotion of his words come through the verse – just as the Writer would feel when pouring his emotion to make a sale through the lamina of his pen meeting the grain of the paper.

The Yeti and Nessie might still be found. The Copywriter is lost forever.

P.S.: We at Slant believe the requiem for The Advertising Copywriter has still to be composed. Indeed, if you need finely-tuned copy for your brand, don’t get lost searching for The Loch Ness Monster. Just contact us. 



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