We are Slant. We are a full service, creative advertising and brand communication agency based in the UAE.


Slant is a new-breed Advertising Agency based out of the UAE, and with a branch office located out of Melbourne.


Started in August 2015, Slant offers a different way of creating communications. As a team, the ‘Slanters’ come from diverse backgrounds with complementary skill sets. We’re independent, agile, collaborative and forward thinking. We’re not big, so that makes us flexible. We ask both ‘why?’ and ‘why not?’. More importantly, we are ‘Open Source’, which means we work across geographies and talents to give your business a ‘glocal’ approach.

We ask both ‘why?’ and ‘why not?’

You can call Slant an edge, a difference, a lateral way of looking at things. We call this the ‘Slant way’ of looking at communication.


Slant is a Leading Advertising, Design & Branding Agency

with a strong focus on creating dynamic, engaging, and memorable marketing campaigns.

When it comes to Brand Consultancy, Slant utilises a wealth of experience across creative, strategy and media. What this means is ground-breaking campaigns that work for your brand.

We do this across a broad range of areas of expertise – from traditional Press and TV through to today’s increasingly used social media marketing. Out team has the knowledge, skills and passion to create ground-breaking campaigns that work effectively for your brand.

So whether you want to increase footfall, boost sales, get more traffic or create enduring relationships, Slant is your partner of choice.

Advertising & Marketing Services

Marketing services that combine creative ingenuity with commercial reality.

Cutting-edge creative. Blue-sky strategy thinking. Effective media planning and buying. Slants Advertising & Marketing solutions have a sharp focus for you.

• Print • TV • OOH • Radio • Communication Strategy • Campaign Planning • Creative & Design • Art Direction • ATL & BTL • Media Planning • Media Strategy • Promotions • PR • Event Management • Language Translations

Branding & Design

Cutting-edge design to transform a product into a brand.

It takes an expert agency to help position your brand effectively in the marketplace. Combine that with an agency that offers you design that transforms your brand, and what you have is Slant.

• Brand Strategy • Brand Stories • Brand Content • Brand Identity Design • Brand Positioning • Brand Activation • Brand Planning

Website Design

World-class responsive websites for businesses of all sizes.

A website is the virtual calling card of a brand. It is the ethos of the brand best represented in an interactive and informative way. At Slant, we can help put that zing in your website.

• UX/UI Design • Concept Design • Content – Strategy and Writing • Responsive Design • Content Management Systems • Hosting and Maintenance • SEO

Social Media & Digital Marketing

True brand integration to help connect with your audience.

We believe in brand integration, not just add-ons. We help brands and businesses of all sizes effectively communicate with their core targets leveraging Social Media and Digital.

• Social Media & Digital Strategy • Social Media & Digital Creative – Static, Animated, Filmed • Social Media & Digital Management • Social Media & Digital Media Planning & Buying

Content Marketing

Attract. Engage. Convert. Content that works.

In today’s times, Content is King. Slant offers both creative and strategic Content that gets your brand results.

• Content Creation • Content Strategy • Content Marketing Platforms • Native Advertising • Video Content • Radio Content • Image Content


Checkout Our Work

Holiday Inn Social Media Posts

Holiday Inn Social Media Posts

POS Design / Art Direction

Holiday Inn Festivities Poster

Holiday Inn Festivities Posters

POS Design / Art Direction

Holiday Inn - Farman E Mughal Brochure

Holiday Inn Farman E Mughal Brochure

POS Design / Art Direction

Ajmal Ramdan Poster -2019

Ajmal Ramadan Poster

POS Design / Art Direction

Crafting Memories of Happiness!

Crafting Memories of Happiness

POS Design / Art Direction

Ajmal Purely Orient

Ajmal Purely Orient Brochure

POS Design / Art Direction

Ajmal Hair Mist Lifestyle

Ajmal Hair Mist Lifestyle

POS Design / Art Direction

800 Thali

800 Thali

POS Design / Art Direction

Meet The Slanters

At Slant, as a team, we combine over 80 years of hardcore Brand Consultancy experience. Not to mention, more than 30 years of proven Financial Consultancy expertise. This ensures all our clients get the best solutions for their marketing, communication or business management needs.


The team of Slanters includes a multi-cultural mix of hardcore professionals. English and Arabic Copywriters. Art Directors. Strategy Managers. Client Servicing Managers. Designers. Studio Professionals. Retouchers. Social Media Experts. Language Translators. Finance Professionals…each of these bring to the table a wealth of experience. And we also collaborate with Film Makers, Production Studios, Photographers and more across the UAE, Australia, India and around the world.

Yes, we would love to share our team member bios. But we believe the best CV is the work we have showcased to our clients. Because at the end of the day it’s our team for your team.


The word ‘Slant’ has the word ‘ant’ in it. That itself proves how nimble and agile we are.

Indeed, we consider ourselves to be like ants – tiny but tenacious; small but effective; unseen but unmatched in our skills. We do all of this with a 'Slant'. A very different perspective that is best experienced than imagined. One that is sought after in today's challenging times.

So, have you Slanted today?

Checkout Our Latest Work On Qafiya Films

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    So how nimble and agile is Slant? You see the word ‘Slant’ itself has the word ‘ant’ in it. Which is why, we consider ourselves to be like ants – tiny, but tenacious; small, but effective; unseen, but unmatched in our skills.

    Whether you wish to work with us on a project to project basis, or you wish to sign on a retainer or even if you actually want to try us out as your agency of choice, contacting us is the first step. So call us. Or mail us. And we’ll be there to Slant a solution for you.


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