At Slant, we believe profit is the DNA of any Business. One Invests Money not to run a Business but to earn Profit.

Having 50 years of total experience, our Slant team Hemant Mundhra & Koshal Mundhra together developed a Smart Profit (DNA) Model to fit for any Business / Organization at any stage of their Business Cycle.

Through our innovative and out of the box Profit Consultancy, we believe in simplifying the concepts like “SIMPLIFIED PROFIT”. Profit is the simplest term known to us which can be put in a formula like “Sales – Expenses = Profit”. As Slanters, we twist it in a simple way “Sales – PROFIT = Expenses” i.e. we introduce “PROFIT FIRST”. Our single-minded Goal is to attach our Profit Model to your Organization, which helps in achieving 360 degree Profit Improvement. We do bring in 10-20% Improvement to your Business Profit. In many a cases, one may see a Triple Digit Growth in Profit.

Profit is one single domain which increases Investor’s Return, Future Growth, Employees’ Salary Increment, Bonus and Incentives and it also brings in tons of Happiness and Positivity. We connect our Profit Model with your Business Model and not only improve / increase your Profit but also secures your future Profit.