Design without a story is mere decoration. Slant begins our brand process by clarifying and refining the narrative you want your brand to tell. Next, we craft the visuals. And then, it’s time to bring your brand to your audience.


After all, a branding design bestows credibility and attracts instant attention as it is a company’s outward face. Our brand identity design studios in Dubai and Melbourne create, transform and revitalise corporate and brand identities, including logotypes.

Slant’s brand transformation specialists also conduct comprehensive audits to ensure your brand is properly positioned and aligned with business goals. So, let our award-winning branding designers establish your brand identity.

Case Study: Olam International Sesamezze Design

Slant was privileged to work with Olam International, UAE for the launch of their new Tahina at the start of 2017.
Slant produced a set of 100 brand names, from which the name ‘Sesamezze’ was chosen as it beautifully combined the essence of Sesame with that of the goodness of a Mezze to make a whole new offering for the HORECA segment.
We also designed the entire packaging identity for Sesamezze – with different SKU Sizes across both English and Arabic.