Slant helps your brand engage and convert audiences into customers. The blueprint for success is drafted with a robust strategy to drive profitable outcomes. We have everything you need to create, track and refine content production in one single place.


We create compelling content that is based on incisive insight. We understand what needs to be said, how to make the content tick and understand how that content will be noticed by customers. This means you get less guesswork and more results.

Slant knows that modern consumers increasingly expect a direct and personal relationship with brands. Hence our content creation is designed to customer expectations. It is a documented view of business goals, produced content, key deadlines and content workflow.

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Case Study: Ajmal Perfumes Corporate AV

Slant was the driving creative and strategic force behind the creation of the Ajmal Perfumes Corporate AV. Produced in 2016, this was a film that captured the essence of Ajmal Perfumes, of the biggest names in perfume from the GCC.

Slant researched the Ajmal Perfumes story from 1951 and wrote a script that spanned the evolution of the brand over the last 65 years, highlighting the strengths of Ajmal – from manufacturing to retail to international exports to their CSR.

We then produced the film in English and Arabic – it was completely shot in Dubai, with an Indo-Ukranian crew, and was post produced across UAE and Ukraine. The film is now being showcased across all major showrooms of Ajmal Perfumes.

Goal Setting and Evaluation

The first step in the process is to make sure we understand your business goals, your competitors and your audience goals. We also help you set the key performance indicators (KPIs) that helps you in evaluating the overall health and growth of your digital presence and its marketing efforts. Everything else we do will be dependent on this step.

Our Services include:

  • Customer Research
  • Stakeholder Interviews and Workshops
  • Audit existing Digital Landscape
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Audience Personas & Surveys


Crafting Digital Strategy

Your brand’s digital strategy should not be about launching a simple website and posting a few tweets to twitter every now and again. A strategy originates from a plan of what you want to achieve and how you can leverage the right online mediums to get to your desired results.

  • Digital Strategy Blueprint
  • Technical Scoping
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Content Stragey
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Integrated Campaign Strategy
  • SEO and Display Ad Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy

Execution of Digital Strategy

The implementation of your strategy makes all the planning come to life. The days of just having a website are now behind us. Today it’s essential your online presence is optimised in order to take your audience on a cohesive, cross-channel journey.

Once the client has reviewed and approved the work, it is released. Your digital properties are pushed to web servers. A We also work towards getting the content published for content marketing, your SEO strategy gets executed, your paid advertising is trafficked to the media partner, Facebook content is loaded onto Facebook, and so forth.